Shooters can now experience the thrill of shooting a hard-reset trigger in their AR-15.

To install:

1. Remove the upper receiver from the lower receiver.

2. Gently allow the hammer to go forward after depressing the trigger.

3. Remove the grip from the lower receiver, along with the safety and the safety pin.

4. Remove trigger, hammer, and springs.

5. Replace with the WOT (it will have a snug fit).

6. Anti-walk pins are included and should be installed on the trigger to avoid malfunctions.

7. Reinstall the safety pin, spring, and grip.

8. Reinstall the upper receiver.

Approximate trigger pull weight of 3lbs.

Full-auto bolt carrier required

Designed for AR-15 platforms**

Works with standard H2 and H3 buffers

Reinforced Hardox™, the world’s most abrasion-resistant steel

Anti-walk pins included

WOT is a true drop-in, plug-and-play trigger

Warrantied for 10,000 rounds