Dual Light Sources:
Both a white LED light (up to 1,000 lumens and 180-meter beam distance), and GL beam emitter to increase accuracy.
Compact Size:
Only 5.04 inch long, perfect for smaller setups and can easily be stored in a safe or case.
Three Selectable Modes:
Switch between white light only, GL beam only, and white light & GL beam combined by twisting the selector ring on the head.
Picatinny Rail Mount:
The rail mount includes two picatinny slots and a lock button for easy and secure installation.
Remote Control:
The dual-button magnetic remote switch locks up tightly on the tail cap, allowing quick light control without breaking your grip.
Rechargeable Battery:
The customized 2040mAh 18500 battery can be easily charged via the included USB magnetic charging cable.
Three-in-one Tail Cap:
Magnetic charging, thumb operation, and remote switch support.