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Gilboa Snake

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The Gilboa Snake rifle has two barrels, mounted side by side in a single receiver, made of aluminum alloy. In select-fire version, both barrels are connected to a single gas block with manual gas regulator. Single short-stroke gas piston runs above and between the barrels, to simultaneously and synchronously cycle two bolt carriers with M16-type rotating bolts. In “civilian” version each barrel is equipped with its own independent gas block and piston. Each bolt is designed to eject spent cases to the side, so rifle ejects to the right and to the left through two symmetrically located ejection windows. Military version of the Gilboa Snake rifle has single trigger and three position safety / fire selector, which allows for single “double taps” (one shot from each barrel simultaneously per single trigger pull), and for full automatic fire (also simultaneously from each barrel).

Barrel Length


Bore Characteristics

Chromed Lined 1:7



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Firing Mode

Semi Auto

Colours Available

Black, Silver